I don’t set out intending to offend people. Any offence is unintentional and ultimately inconsequential.

I looked at porn magazines when I was a young boy. It ruined me. I used to read the stories when I had gotten tired of the photos. I would still get hard reading. This is a product.

She pulled out some of my hair by the roots as she came the first time. I was licking her in the bathroom. She was wide open shuddering on the vanity with her knickers at her feet. Her taste tasted so good. She was so wet. She had already had one orgasm and had shuddered into my face but had kept my head in there. My poor tongue was numb but the base screamed stretched as I kept teasing her. The animal in me gave her all I had as she shuddered into my nose and forehead. There was a bang on the door before a man yelled, Security! She screamed, JUST A MINUTE, and kept my head there. My tongue gave her everything I had and she jiggled and moaned loudly. I had her. She was mine for that moment. Her right leg kicked against the wall of the cubicle with the second spasm. The door banged again and the man shouted, I know what you’re doing in there! No, I thought, you don’t.

He kept banging on the door and she kept moaning. I pulled my head out from between her legs and shouted, It’s ssssuck! My tongue tried again, it’s sssstuuck! We are calling the police, the voice said. She pulled my head back until her trembling stopped. Come on she said as she pulled her skirt back down and started buttoning her shirt back up. She took her knickers off on one foot and handed them to me daintily. For, I asked? Sniff ‘em she said. She smiled before she whispered, multiple orgasms into my ear. She looked down at the fistful of my hair in her hand and put it in the front of her bra. I looked at her knickers again. They were a pretty pink and stained. Both of my eyes closed as I brought them to my face and breathed in her orgasms. She pushed past me and used her knuckles to push the button to open the door. She came back opened her purse and took out two fifty-dollar notes and pushed them into my hand. A hundred, I asked? She unclasped the coin section and emptied into her hand and tried passing them to me. I hadn’t said a word but she still said, it’s all I have. I shook my head and told her that I did not want her money. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and told me it was worth it. She dropped the handful of coins onto the bathroom florr as she left. It may not be love in this modern world but it is close enough.

I couldn’t decide wether to pick the coins up or not. I looked in the mirror and saw her all over my face and smiled. I left the coins for someone else. She skipped away from me back towards her store. The door swung slowly shut. I urinated, washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I inhaled and her juices, literally, were all I could taste. I was in love. Breathing in her I could not remember anything else. I pushed the button with my elbow and the door slowly opened. It was half opened when I saw security still standing there. The security guard at the mall had a black suit and a badge so you knew who he was. Was she bothering you, he asked? No, I said, quite the opposite. I headed towards the exit and saw her serving behind the till. I imagined her standing at the till with her juices still dripping down her leg. Now I know I will never be able to forget or remember her unless I write something down. I put the shopping bag down on the ground and pulled my wallet from my pants. I wrote down on the back of my grocery-list, I’ve got to start shopping here more regularly.

Andrew Stuart Buchanan

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