i start midway because i can


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→Do you really think so?
←Yes, It’s a terrible state of affairs
→No it’s not. I think it’s a great thing that all of the products that used to be made in this country are now made overseas. It makes them cheaper
←So you think it is great that Australians that used to make the same products in this country have been left redundant so you can save a dollar
←You know it was only a few years ago that the Americans had the Western Civilisation scared of Red’s under the bed
→Who are the Red’s under the bed?
→Was America right to be scared?
←Probably but they didn’t do enough to stop it from happening. They were looking at the wrong communists though and now the entire world is in China’s pocket. The Chinese are just as red
→What do you mean Chinese pockets?
←Look at the tag on your shirt
→It says Lacoste
←That’s the logo, I meant look at the tag on the inside label next time you take it off

She took her shirt off and I said, Jesus, under my breath. My God, (yes that is twice, sorry Lord for it is in vain) she had a body that looked like it had come out of a men’s magazine. Her breasts popped up over the top of the bra she was wearing and were trying their hardest to leave it, and I wanted them to

→It says, designed in France…
←…And what does it say under that?
→It says made in China… Made in China?
←If you look at most of the tags on most of your clothes they will say the same thing
→Shit, she said, well how about that, as she put the shirt back on. Seeing her bra and the bits of her exposed breasts being covered up made me feel sad
←How about it’s right. The country that the Americans were scared of is in cahoots with China and Chins is now owed trillions of dollars from money loaned to the rest of the world
→How are China and Russia in cahoots?
←By the hammer and sickle
→But if the USA and the world owes China money then wouldn’t you say that the ethos of communism has more merit than that of democracy?
←You would probably say that if you lived in a communist country
→And if you lived in a democratic country what would you say?
←It depends on your age and it depends on what you’ve seen. I have a friend who will not buy anything from Japan because she had a relative in Changi
→Isn’t that the women’s clothing store in Bondi Junction?
←No Changi was a prisoner of war camp run by the Japanese during World War Two
→Was it like Gauntanimo Bay
←Kind of but different, the Japanese starved and used to put bamboo under the British, American and ANZAC prisoners fingernails to get them to talk
→Did they talk?
←I don’t know… America dropped the bomb so I guess they didn’t
→Maybe they did?
←Did what?
→Yeah maybe that’s why the American’s dropped the bomb. Maybe their prisoner’s told the Japanese too much so they had to drop the bomb
←I don’t think so, on paper it just seemed like the kid with the big dick at school pulling his pants down to show the girls in the third form
→What does that mean
←It means it was just an act of defiance through will
→What do you mean will?
←Well they had the will and the necessary means to show who had the biggest dick
→Didn’t the Japanese have nukes?
←No and it’s only been until recently that they have been able to have any form of military at all
→Can’t they be trusted?
←I guess since they have been nuked once already and haven’t retaliated the West suspects them to have the smallest dick in the class
→I think that we are living in the midst of a new Hitler in Donald Trump
←Don’t you think that’s a bit over the top?
→No, he’s talking about building a wall between America and Mexico
←Well that makes him the new Chancellor Kohl
←That’s the guy who built the wall between East and West Germany
→Did that keep them separated?
←Maybe for a week until somebody started digging a tunnel
→So do you agree with Donald Trump?
←No way
→So why are you defending him?
←I’m not defending Trump. I’m merely disagreeing with your assessment of him. I think you are only regurgitating a statement you have heard somebody else say. I agree that Trump comes across sounding like a racist and a bigot. The fact that he is doing so well in the primary’s would lead an intelligent person to believe that a large portion of American’s population agree with his racist diatribe
→So how is he not a new Hitler?
←Well if he starts building gas chambers and has a firing squad lined up on the border I will be happy to have been proved wrong
→Did you say you would be happy if he put a firing squad on the border?
←See you’re not even listening to me; you are just waiting for a chance to attack me because I am offering a counterpoint to your opinion

→That’s not what I heard you say

←That’s not what you thought you heard me say, I don’t agree with Donald Trump, Truman (president that sanctioned the bomb) Hideki Tojo or Hitler. I just didn’t agree with you

She looked at me silently a long time before she told me she had to go. I said goodbye and watched her bum jump as she walked away. She had a nice bum and I wish I could have stayed quiet or agreed with what she was saying. That’s the trouble with the youth of today. I just can’t do it. Today’s youth have the merits of the hippies with the impetus of the X Generation. Everything has been given to them and the extended hand. They are one for all and watch out if you’re not with us. If you stand alone you are the enemy. I am wrong because she said I was wrong and not on my merit. It has nothing to do with my opinion or who I am. The enemy is within our sights. I prefer my enemy to live over the fence out of sight. Take a good look at the clothes you are wearing. The enemy will not dress the same






Andrew Stuart Buchanan


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