just a quick re-doodoo



I’m getting sick of left-wing do-gooders. They tell me that I can’t write about my suicidal tendencies or being poor, in a wheelchair or gay people trying to hit on me. It’s all very over-sensitive. The left wing has become so right that they have become as militant. They have stolen their tactics and now take their formation in a flying-v as well. In no time at all there will be no more wings left. The form will look like a giant trillion armed squid that will no longer squirt black ink because it is offensive to have ink that’s black. Two year-old girls will already have D-cups and all the young boys will be hermaphrodites too busy trying to fuck themselves. The arrogant shall inherit the Earth. It will be considered offensive to take a side. Everybody will take residence in oval shaped houses. The government will have eaten itself and there will only be one huge hand of indignation feeding itself stale Weetbix,


and then there will be me… still laughing







Fear slips through my fingers
like it’s sluiced
the vegetable man hates me
because I’m white
and the gull cries
if only
I sit in the corner crying
I’m shaking with the DT’s as
last night’s booze farewells
I am a wizard without a hat
I hear her scream
but only just
The willows drip in my mind
and fear takes the form
of a solid-
in absolute fear
absolute in fear
She told me I only hate
she said it like she did
I take the blood and shake it
I place it on a crate and
watch it still shaking
*** hates hating so doesn’t know
With only one ey e that works it
slips through my fingers



Andrew Stuart Buchanan

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