There are people who believe that the movie The Matrix is true. I remember reading about a boy who shot up his high school after watching it repeatedly. I’m not talking about those ones I mean the ones who see a prophecy within that movie. We commonly refer to them as nerds. The nerds were right. I’ve noticed that straight after I’ve logged on I’ll receive a phone call. I should know better as there is a 1-2 second delay after I’ve picked up before they start but there is also a delay when one of my mate Skype’s. That movie was true. They have bugged the telephones with little villains (I don’t know) that follow you.

People are getting excited that we are almost able to clone a person. Creation without sex can’t be right. People are getting excited throwing themselves into a net. Humanity has the right to do this and can’t wait. Mankind will clone itself into serfdom. Our bastard offspring will not know. They will grow into picking beetroot. The masters will determine our lives off of a screen and nobody cares it’s happening. Humanity doesn’t have a right. We have evolved from our humble beginnings into the ugly truth. We are Man and we are in charge. The human intellect will one day choke on knowledge. It will be multi-tasking and won’t have a hand free

I had a hot hot hot ******** girl ask me to move in with her. One of my mates once asked me if I ever got nods of acknowledgment from other men in mixed race couplings. I laughed ‘cause it was funny but then wondered why it was funny. I laughed because man finds it easier to hate. People look at these couplings as un-natural. Nobody is racist at birth, I mean when they came out of the fanny. We are all born prejudice to ourselves but to another we are not. The human race hates itself and wants to collapse. WWIII will be a blessing when there is no more room. There will be a country that decides all of our fates if we don’t first get to one colour

The home phone rang again but I ignored it. Everywhere I go I see scores of young people head bowed to their phone. I remember a time before technology where people used to talk to each other. Not anymore. Not unless you’re online. The life we live online will always be cooler than reality. People my own age are always online. Can’t they remember when they weren’t? I had to go to the store. I passed three people walking with theirs heads down texting. They have two lives. I can’t see the fixation living in that world. I listen to music and live in a made-up world. A world where nothing is true but you can taste it. I would rather listen to music and not engage than to look down and see where I’m at

A friend told me earlier in the day that I should try online-dating. I’ve tried it before. I tried when I was really brain damaged. I joined a sex site first by accident. I put a photo of my face and all these women kept sending flirts down the line. I befriended them then saw all of their male friends had photos of their cocks. All of their online friends didn’t show their faces but showed cocks and balls instead. I sent one girl a message asking how come she was so hot but had to look virtual to find someone? I thought she would have her pick of a hundred and twenty-five men a day. She clicked un-friend and that was it. I wanted to see behind the face she shows. It was probably a bald forty-year old man sitting behind his computer out at Homebush. I want to feel her heat and taste a woman’s pheromones before I start. I tried another agency and when I looked at their ‘best’ photos on their profiles I felt sorry for them. Most looked humble and just in search of a decent man. A lady once told me I was really good looking… but that was just online too

Online isn’t real yet the reality is that it is. When I look around I wonder why Orwell didn’t think of this? All it takes is distraction. We will all be happy to live in cages by the time he gets back. The world will be all looking down when it falls from the sky. The crash will only be observed through the medium of capturing. Only a few will see it with their own eyes. My computer and I barely communicate but men carry their’s right next to their balls. Women carry their’s over one of their ovaries. They are slowly sterilising you and you are letting them. They are trying to kill the breeders. I leave my phone at home



Andrew Stuart Buchanan

6 thoughts on “Profession

  1. Yes, they are trying to kill the breeders. That and put them up against each others: group against group. Let them kill each other instead of turning their anger on the system that keeps them enslaved.

    • i wonder why nobody seems to see it? i guess it’s easier to pretend it’s not happening. i had a younger woman, as a carer, take me to do my shopping today. i was telling her about a conversation i had with a friend and used some foul language relaying what i’d been told. she waited a second then told me that she found the language that i’d used offensive. younger than me? the world will soon be divided into the straight-edger’s and the anarchists

      • Offensive language? It’s just words? I don’t understand how people can be offended. Comedian Steve Hughes has some funny thoughts on the subject. The offended part starts at 3:40, but it’s worth watching the whole clip:

  2. thanks for sending that through, funny man. i think that the people standing on the moral high-ground would be offended by anything. if i didn’t offend her i’m sure ten other things in her day would. she actually told me she was going to tell me off three or four times on previous occasions but thought against it. i know i’ve said it before but i don’t really care if people are offended by my words on a page but if they are i’m interested in why. i know why she was offended, because she’s a prude wearing a badge. oh well, at least i’ve probably given her something to talk about. i think i can feel my ears burning

  3. “We have evolved from our humble beginnings into the ugly truth.”
    Yes, indeed.
    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy my online life. I think it’s up to the individual what they make of it, it can be as unsuperficial as you choose to make it. I doubt I’ll ever have a Fb account, though.

  4. good thing that. i didn’t make the comment intending to say that i don’t have an online reality. i do but i limit my consumption of living online. i was just saying that, no matter how sincere you are, the life we lead online is false, not real. for some people it becomes a reality better than real life. whenever i check my facebook i always see the same friends online. who knows why they are online but they are. i’m not making a judgement on that fact but i do think it’s weird giving that most of my friends are my own age and lived before this phenomenon. maybe they had pen-pals before? virtual reality is a new thing and i just think that it’s funny. thanks for commenting!

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