The bus groaned as it started making it’s way up the hill. I sit at the front in my wheelchair looking back. I heard the bus change gear as it climbed. I turned my face to see her. She was so beautiful. I wondered what I could say to please her. I couldn’t think of anything but I started talking anyway

-It’s not that I really care. I only do it for myself anyway. It keeps me sane…

-Sorry, are you talking to me?


-Were you talking to me?

-Sort of but not really

-Does that make sense?

-Not really

-So what, you sort of weren’t talking to me?

-I was just saying…

She pointed to herself and asked the same question but asked differently

-Are you talking to me?

-When you do it for yourself it’s like a gift

-A gift of what? What gift?

-Well for any other person it’s like watching someone else masturbate

-What the fuck are you talking about?

-I meant that you’re only watching someone else getting off

-I’m not watching anything

-That was why I was saying that I don’t really care

-Excuse me. You’re annoying me. Can you look the other way or talk to someone else

-I probably could but you’re beautiful

-You’re annoying me turn around!

-I turned around and saw everyone on the bus. Everyone was staring at me like I was an alien. I sat and wondered wether it was because people don’t talk on the bus anymore or because I did look like an alien?





Andrew Stuart Buchanan


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