I piss in my pants and shiver. I look in the mirror and don’t know who I see. The dry-cleaning bag is off my shirt and it’s okay. I don’t care. I can’t anymore. I can’t when I has become me. The button is undone. I have fallen down. Nothing matters. Nothing at all matters. I am not as beautiful as he says. I am ugly and I don’t mind at all. There’s just something about drinking. Sorry, scratch that. *****’* **** ********* ***** ********. There’s just something about being drunk. I am ten foot tall and invisible. I am no longer sitting down. I am running past the dawn. I could do anything. I am a giant in the land of the small. I don’t care. I don’t care and nothing matters. I want to tear through walls with my hands. When I drink I want to lay her down. When I drink I look at her and I see her and see everything I should be. Drinking helps me forget the probable and remember the infinite. With every raise to my mouth I forget who I am and remember who I could be. I love drinking. The best of times swallows the worst of times. With every drop I double in size. With every drop she looks better and I look the best. With every drop I forget who I am and could be. When I drink infinite becomes finite and I become me. I love beer. I love beer more than I love myself…-






Andrew Stuart Buchanan

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