After All Of This

I still love you after all of this
Can’t walk can’t piss
Won’t remember your name
Even if it’s the same
As before
And Who won the war?
I’m a casualty
Can’t see reality
Cause I’m stuck this
Still remember kiss
Should I still love you
Shall we make a few
Do you wanna drink my brew
It’s strong stuff
One sip never enough
It’s rough around the edge
Trim your stuff into wedge
The drum will lead us all there
Shrug off any care
My love call unaware
Drew two
Of the same cards
That’s a snap
Take a nap
We can call it a wrap
And add a carrot
To lead us there
Need stick to make us trot
What time, I forgot
I should have written it down
Do I still love you?
After all of this
Love affair tryst
So slit wrist
Use my blood
It’s hot
Do you remember my kiss?
We took the Risk
And built and Empire
We bought not hired
Was brave stayed clean at the rave
Didn’t drop one
Beat drops two
One more and it’s a few
How do I love you still?
You’re the plant on my sill
The wind spread the seed
Plant it with my need
You can quote Mudbone
My flat my home
Do you remember my kiss?
For you I was your slave
Stayed clean at the rave
Didn’t drop one
Beat drops two
Said it a few
Looks clean looks new

Organ Donor Drive / Appealing For Fresh Meat / Butcher Human

Organ donor appeal

I appeal to reason

This is the season

A winter of discontent

My fortune’s spent

Rub two cents together

She dressed in leather

Head to toe

Just so I know

She wants me


Head to toe

Got coke that’s blow

Up your skirt

I blush I’m flirt

The gospel organ

Bald Billy Corgan

I mean less

She’s over-dressed

Take it off

Nirvana scoff

I appeal to reason

Tried for treason

Hang me by my neck

It’s stained the deck

Brain dead


Over fed

I’ve no homestead

Live on the street

Blackened my feet

No shoes

So sing blues

Around the fire

Belly spare tyre

Poor but fat

Spit guard spat

Auto correct

She throttled my neck

Pushed me to the side

Saddle up and ride


Into the sunset

You won’t forget or regret me